An in-depth look at the different flavors

of agile development

What is Agile Project Management?

Agile is a conceptual framework that promotes incremental, well-planned iterations throughout the development cycle.

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Agile vs. Lean: Can the Two Coexist?

Adopted from old-school manufacturing principles, lean aims for quality, speed, customer satisfaction, and a reduction of waste.

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Agile vs. Waterfall: Why You Should Swim Upstream

Waterfall assumes that the entire concept is conceptualized at the start of a project, and doesn't account for much feedback.

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Scrum vs. Agile: Pitfalls of the Head-Down Huddle

Scrum adherents consider it continuous, iterative, and incremental, a process executed by one cross-functional team.

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Agile and Kanban: Tools for Team Transparency

Kanban provides a more visual representation of where workstreams are and, ultimately, where bottlenecks are.

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Agile and XP: A Dose of Agile Takes the Edge Off

With its focus on small projects, proponents of XP say it improves the software-development process through collaboration.

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